Dr Dispatch offers automated daily backups to our cloud server.

Please contact us at Sales: (800) 879-7443 Ext 1, or support@drdispatch.com to get started.

  1. Contact us at support@drdispatch.com to receive a company-unique URL.
  2. Install this file on your server: Cloud Backup - Click Here.
  3. Confirm any security messages to begin the download.

        4. Run the installer.

  • When installing the file, you may have to hit Allow Access, etc if Windows or your antivirus program asks you to verify the integrity of the file. 

        5. Once the program is installed and you are going through the installation steps, be sure to navigate to the correct location of your Dr Dispatch data. By default, this should be in %ProgramData% -->Holland Solutions--.>DrDispatch5-->drd5. If you are unsure of your data location, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

        6. Once the file is installed, open it up and read each page thoroughly. When you come to the screen with the URL request, please copy and paste the unique URL you received from us.

It's as simple as that! Your data will be backed up to our cloud server every 24 hours. Please contact us if you need a copy of your data.