After you are finished setting up your new server, the next step is to ensure your workstations/client PCs can 

communicate with the new Dr Dispatch server.

  • You can find the correct address for your new server by  running a command prompt (CMD) and typing in ipconfig and hitting enter. 
  • The server IP Address will be listed after IPv4 Address.

To run a command prompt, you can either use the Windows start menu or press the Win key + R on your keyboard type in cmd and hit enter.

After you have the correct server IP Address, repeat the following steps on each workstation:

  1. Type in %appdata% in the Windows Explorer address bar and then navigate to the Dr. Dispatch-->drd4.ini config file.
    • If you cannot access this document from file explorer, you can do a Windows search for drd4.
  2. Open up the config file, change the IP address and then save/close the document.
  3. Open up Dr. Dispatch again and verify that it works. If you are still having issues after doing this,
    please contact us at