In addition to keeping track of your customer ID, license ID, and password, we strongly recommend that you keep copies of all your Dr Dispatch installation and upgrade files.

When you first install Dr. Dispatch, make a folder clearly named something like 'Dr Dispatch Installers', and copy the downloaded installation file (this should be drd32.exe for demo installers, or drdupgrade_7xxx.exe for upgrade installers) to that folder.  You can make the folder in Dropbox, MS OneDrive, USB Thumb drive, or a network share.

Saving and sharing your files within your network is easier than ever with file-sharing cloud services such as Dropbox. (Dropbox is free, plus it makes a folder on your computer that automatically backups to the cloud with sharing and synching.)

Because we push out a lot of upgrades and improvements and ALL PC's in your network must have the same version, saving these file ensures that you will be able to install the proper version if you want to add or redo a PC in future. This can save you a ton of trouble down the road. Whenever you need to add or redo a PC, simply install from that installation file and any upgrades you may have added after that point.