Activating Dr. Dispatch is very easy to do!

  1. Open Dr. Dispatch. You will see a "splash screen" similar to the one shown below. 
  2. Hold down your left SHIFT key on your keyboard when this screen appears to pull up the activation screen. 
    • Alternatively, Dr Dispatch 5.5 and beyond has an activate option at the bottom of the help menu.

  • After a few seconds you will see the below screen.  
    • Note: Users still within their trial period will see an additional option on the screen below that gives the option to evaluate.
    • Users that have already purchased Dr. Dispatch should ignore this option and proceed with the directions that follow to activate Dr. Dispatch.

        3. Click 'Activate Dr. Dispatch 5'  to proceed to the screen below

  • Most users will want to choose the 'Activate Dr. Dispatch 5 Online' option. If you do not have your License ID and password, please refer to the paperwork you received at the time of purchase.
  • Users that do not have internet connections may choose the 'Activate By Phone' option. This option provides two user codes that you must send us via this website. A Dr. Dispatch technical support staff member will then send your activation codes back to you so that you may activate Dr. Dispatch.

        4. Enter your Dr. Dispatch License ID and password and click 'Continue'.  You should see a screen similar to this:

        5. After you click 'Continue', the following screen should appear and notify you that your copy of Dr. Dispatch has been validated and activated.

That's it - you are now activated!

Additional information related to the In-app Help Menu: 

If you are on the free trial or simply wish to move your license to a new station, then you can use the Dr Dispatch help menu to activate or de-activate your desktop license.

NOTE: If you go to a working Dr Dispatch Program and click on Help > De-activate License, it will disable your station license and put it back on the license server for you to use on a different station. 

NOTE: Your license is ready to move once you see the below message.  If you do not see this message please contact support by emailing

  • A support plan is required.