You can start using the Dr. Dispatch program as soon as you wish. Simply install the Free Trial from our website if you have not done so already.

Note:  Please see Should I save Installation and Upgrade files?

Step by Step Instructions to Install Dr. Dispatch

1) Download Dr Dispatch on every computer that will be using the program. Double-click the 'drd32.exe' file to run the Dr. Dispatch installer.

Tip: You can download Dr. Dispatch to a shared drive, cloud storage service or thumb drive and then run the installer (drd32.exe) from that location on each computer system to save time. 

2) You may be prompted to run or save the file upon downloading.  Click 'run' to start the installation program. If not, you may need to browse to the location where you downloaded the drd32.exe file and double-click it to run the installation program.

Google Chrome:

Microsoft Edge: 

3)  Follow the on-screen instructions for the installation. Most default options are acceptable.  

        ( See All Install Screens From Start to Finish. ( In order ) )

IMPORTANT: There will be one page in the installation that asks whether you wish to install Dr. Dispatch as a server or as a client. 

Make sure you select "Server" ONLY on the server (main) computer and "Client" on all other computers. The server option should ONLY be selected one time and that will be for the main (server) computer. 

Note: The server is your main computer in your office. This computer must be on whenever you wish to run Dr. Dispatch on any computer. 
Note: If you purchased a one-user license for Dr. Dispatch, select the server option. If you have a multi-user license, where you have two or more people in your office who will use Dr. Dispatch, then the server option is for the main computer (server) only. 

4)  Follow the above steps to install Dr Dispatch on all machines. All other machines should be set up using the "Client" option.

If you have questions please contact us by email at

All Install Screens From Start to Finish. ( In order )

1) License Agreement - User must accept the Dr Dispatch End User License Agreement.

2) Select Installation Components - Choose one of the following.

        Select Dr Dispatch Server if you are running the Free Trial or installing on the main server.

        Select Dr Dispatch Client is for adding additional Stations to an existing Dr Dispatch Networked system.

3) Review Selection - Ready to install 

4) Installing - This is installing all necessary files to your computer and will attempt to open up any firewall ports necessary to operate the Dr Dispatch Software. 

5) Finish -  At this point the software is ready to use.  A brief slide show demo may pop up if you have not ran Dr Dispatch before on your computer.