Use this screen (Dr Dispatch -> System menu -> Settings -> ProMiles SDK) to setup ProMiles™ SDK to interface with Dr Dispatch. You must OWN their SDK, not just their miler program. 


  • First, install the ProMiles™ program and its SDK. You can contact your ProMiles sales or support representative if you need assistance with this, as Dr Dispatch does not offer support for ProMiles™ related inquiries unless it is about the Dr Dispatch program.

Setting up in Dr Dispatch:

  1. Check the box for "Allow Pro Miles Integration"
  2. Click the 'Change Path' button.  This step is CRITICAL.  You must select the path to ProMiles here correctly
  3. Select the path to ProMiles (e.g. c:\ProMiles\KingPinV14)
  4. Click the 'Save Changes' button
  5. Provided the path is correct AND that ProMiles is installed and licensed WITH THE SDK - you are now ready to calculate miles and routes.
  6. Select what routing method(s) you would like ProMiles to use when calculating miles

Note: You can use Location IDs provides for faster calculations, but you have to choose the pick and drop locations every time you run the load which is more work per load. It is recommended you leave this off.

Now you're ready to use ProMiles™ to run miles, routes, and display mapping!