Networking Dr Dispatch

Before you begin:

During these procedures we assume you already have a working computer network in place and have read the Installation Instructions.

If you or your company do not have a fully functional network in place, please get one. Dr. Dispatch staff can not help you set up a computer network or troubleshoot hardware and/or networking issues outside of the Dr. Dispatch software suite.

The computer you chose as a server in the Installing Dr Dispatch section MUST HAVE A STATIC IP ADDRESS.

Firewall Note - Dr Dispatch recommends the use of spyware/malware/antivirus protection as well as a properly configured firewall. Improperly configured firewalls and anti-virus/spyware protection software can prevent legitimate software such as Dr Dispatch from running properly.

Please ensure DrDisp.exe and nxServer.exe (on your data server) are allowed inbound/outbound on your LAN. Consult your firewall or other security software's manual for instructions on configuring your specific security suite.


The computers you install Dr Dispatch as a client will produce the following screen on the first start up.

Dr Dispatch is asking your network for a list of advertising Dr Dispatch servers. In the above example one server is responding. Seeing more than one server indicates a possible installation error. Empty server lists indicate there is either no Dr Dispatch server or a firewall/malware protection program is blocking nxServer.exe on the server and/or DrDisp.exe on the client/server.

Select your server by clicking on it. Drop down the "Database Alias" list and select drd7. Old installations of Dr Dispatch may have a "drd" entry with a lower number. Users with multiple databases will likely have aliases named after their companies.

Click the Open button to connect Dr Dispatch to your alias.

Note: Early versions of Dr Dispatch 5 and 5.5 do not save the database settings until you exit. Holland Transportation recommends you restart Dr Dispatch at this time to verify the settings were saved and are working if using these versions and are unable to update to the current version.