Please review the article ProMiles™ Integration Setup if you have not set up the integration between Dr Dispatch and ProMiles™ yet.

Note: Both Trucking Dispatch and Brokerage Dispatch have fundamentally the same interface in regards to ProMiles™. The only difference is that Trucking Dispatch does have an additional function to calculate fuel tax miles per state.

Using ProMiles™ with Dr Dispatch is as simple as clicking on the "Calc Miles" button. Therefore, instead of giving step-by-step instructions on how to click a button, this just highlights a few buttons and what they do. Please refer to the screenshot above and reference them with the numbered list below.

  1. Calc Miles button figures the mileage for the route.

    • Providing a ZIP on shipper/facility leads to more accurate routing. Try and avoid only listing city/state on your facilities. Additionally, miles are also figured when you TAB key out of your last stop and answer "NO" to adding another stop.

  2. Miles (Total) Mileage figured is displayed here.

  3. Additional functionality can be found under the Utilities menu. Quick miles, for example, lets you quickly
    run miles from two points without having them setup in stops. Radius search searches for loads in the system within x amount of miles from a point.

That's all the functionality of ProMiles™! Simple and easy. Below is a routing and mapping screen.