To allow DRD to save all of your columns and their positions, simply go to settings and navigate to Truck or Brokerage preferences->place check in the store grid settings option.

Grid settings are stored in a file on each computer Dr Dispatch is installed. Sometimes an upgrade will contain a newer version of our grids and require this file be re-initialized.

Here's how to fix the problem:

  • Close Dr Dispatch if it is open.
  • Navigate to your Documents or My Documents folder from your start button.
  • Delete all files referencing grids in the DrDispatch 2007 folder. (e.g. bgrids.ini, tgrids.ini)
  • Open Dr Dispatch.
  • Verify that "Store Grid Settings" is still checked enabled in your Brokerage and/or Trucking preferences.
  • Finally, arrange your columns to your liking.
  • Close and re-open Dr Dispatch to test that they work again. If not, email

This will need to be done on each computer having issues.