To add a customer to the system, follow these instructions below:

1. Open Dr Dispatch and go to the Brokerage system.

2. Go to the "Customers" tab at the button of the screen.

3. Click on the "New" Button.

4. Enter the customer's information into the "New Customer" popup.

  • Use a unique name for each Customer.
  • Customer, Address, City, State, and Zip fields are required.

5. Billing Address information is also required. 

  • If the Address and Billing Address are the same, then you can click the "Copy to Billing" button to instantly copy the entered Address information to the Billing Address tab instead of entering it manually.

6. Click the Save button when done.

Terms used in the Customer tab

Cust Id is the unique ID used by Dr Dispatch internally. This cannot be changed.

Customer Name is the name of the customer, how it prints on the invoice, and how a load this customer is assigned to will show up in a search.

Address1, Address2, City, State, and Zip combine to make the physical address.

Phone 1, Phone 2, Fax, Contacts, and Email combine to make the physical contact information for the customer.

Salesman is the commission employee assigned to the customer. The salesman payroll section can be used to pull pay figures based on this information. This setting is optional.

Pay On the gross pay or brokerage amount of the load.

Amount is a %, entered as a fractional (10% being 0.1) the salesman gets of the Pay On figure per load.

Copy Physical >> Bill To quickly copies relevant physical address information to the Billing Address side.

Add Customer to Shipper/Receivers quickly adds this customer as either a shipper or receiver.

Billing Address tab goes to the Billing screen for the customer. This is different from the physical address screen.

Rate Quotes tab shows the rate quotes for the customer.

Financial tab shows the financial for the customer.

Scanned Documents shows attached documents related to this customer.