Most tables and grids in Dr Dispatch can be exported in several standard formats by right-clicking them with your mouse.

Example:  Exporting the Brokerage Load Board To Excel

The Dr Dispatch load board, like most table based grids in Dr Dispatch, can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet, XML, HTML, or text file.

At this time the file names created for XML, HTML and text files are static, so if you export the load board it will create the same file each time (drd_brokerage_board) and overwrite any existing copies. If you want to keep an older copy of an exported file, then you must rename it so that it will not be overwritten by subsequent exports!

Note: Exported Excel spreadsheets will have a randomly generated number attached to the end of the file name, so they are not likely to be overwritten.

How to export the Load Board:

  1. Open Dr Dispatch.

  2. Ensure the path to exported files is set to your desired location.

  3. Right click on the Load Board.

  4. Highlight Export To... and choose the format you wish to export the load board information to.

  5. Click the "Yes" button in the Confirm dialogue box.

  6. You will now have a drd_brokerage_board file of the type you selected in the path you chose in Setup.

    Notes: After the export, the program will tell you if it's successful. If you do not see a success message, then the export failed. The most common reasons for failure are having an invalid export path in Settings or that you do not have OS permissions to write files to the path's location.

You can export the data from almost all grids this same way. Go to the appropriate tab, find the GRID and right click->export.

This includes the invoicing and accounting grids.

How to change your file export path:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on "Document/File Export Storage Path".
  3. Type in the desired export path, or click the "..." button on the right to browse to the folder that you wish to use.