There are two methods of using Pro Numbers in Dr Dispatch. One is the Manual Pro Number entry, where when one clicks on new loads, they must always enter in a Pro Number manually.

The other method is the Automatic Pro Number entry, where when one clicks on New Load, the new load's Pro Number is one more than the previous load's number. By default, the automatic Pro Number entry is the setting on a newly installed program of Dr Dispatch, and most Dr Dispatch users use it this way.

You can have the Pro/Load numbers start anywhere you want from 1 to 10,000,000. No letters allowed!

We recommend setting a large gap between Brokerage and Trucking numbers to make it quick and easy to tell which side a customer is from.

  • EX: If Trucking starts at 1,000 and Brokerage starts at 1,000,000, then users can recognize which business side any customer is from based on the visual size of the number at a glance.

Note: If Manual Entry is used instead of Automatic Pro Number entry, making changes using the instructions below will have no effect on the system.

To change the sequence starting point of the Pro Numbers in Dr Dispatch, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to menu: System > Settings > (TRUCKING or BROKERAGE) Company Information tab.
  2. On the right side of the Company Info tab will be an input box to change either the Trucking or Brokerage pro number. 
    • Type in the number you wish to start with. 
  3. Click the "Save Pro #" button, then Close.