Dr Dispatch can handle both US and Canadian currency alongside our QuickBooks® integration.

Enabling Multi Currency:

  1. Go to System > Settings > QuickBooks Integration
  2. Tick the checkbox for "Canada (uses QuickBooks Multi Currency)
  3. Optional: Tick the checkbox for "Use GST/HST Tax" if desired.
    • GST/HST rates can be adjusted manually if needed.
    • Custom taxes can be added/removed with the "+" (plus) button and deleted with the "-" (minus) button.
  4. Close and re-open Dr Dispatch to save your new settings.
  • NOTE: Quickbooks needs to have Multi currency ON and be setup properly with your home currency etc

System > Settings > QuickBooks Integration Screen

Now, DRD lets you define what type of currency a customer will pay you with, as well as what currency to pay a carrier with.

  • If you have a customer or carrier that could pay or be paid using either currency, you will need to enter two entries. Once under Canadian currency and again for US currency.

You will now have the option to apply GST, HST, or a custom tax from the list you defined in setup to a billing rate.

This will carry over to the invoice and will display which currency is used.