YOUR Company Information goes here. Make sure you are using the correct side for your business.

BROKERAGE Company Information

Office Code: Used to designate the location in a multi-office company.

  • EX: "Texas" office, "Missouri" office, "Los Angeles" office, "Headquarters", etc.
  • Can be used to segment and identify where the work is being done.

Change Trucking Pro #:

  1. Next Pro: This is the current number that will get assigned to your next new customer if "Auto Entry" is selected below.
  2. Change To: Change "Next Pro" to this number. This can be any number only from 1 to 10 million. Put some thought into this.

Pro Entry:

  1. Auto Entry: Automatically assign the "Next Pro" number to your next new customer. (Recommended.)
  2. Manual Entry: New Pro # will need to be entered manually for each new customer.

NOTE: Always have a large gap in number between Trucking and Brokerage. For example, 5000 to start for Brokerage and 75000 to start for trucking. This makes identifying which side a customer is from simple, just by looking at the number.

IMPORTANT: QUICKBOOKS USERSThe Pro numbers in DRD are the INVOICE numbers. These need to START ABOVE whatever numbers you have been using in QB. Otherwise, the DRD invoice numbers will catch up and QB will NOT ALLOW duplicate pro numbers!!

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