Once a load is entered via Dispatch with a truck assigned to the load as well as a customer and rate/gross pay, the invoice will automatically populate on the main invoicing tab. Open the invoicing screen and there will be a list of loads that can be invoiced to the customer.

  • Every column in the invoice grid can be re-sized, reordered and sorted by column headers to suit your individual needs and help you work more efficiently.
  • You can edit customer rates/gross pay directly from the Gross Pay column. 
  • Please note several areas that can be changed on the right side of the screen under 'Options'

Adjusting the Customer Rate

  1. Double-click the Gross Pay box to bring up the Customer Rate screen.
  2. Enter any necessary payment information.

Processing an Invoice

  1. To print and process, place a checkmark in the 'Print' field next to each invoice/load that is ready for invoicing.
  2. Select 'Process Invoices' when you are finished.

Emailing an Invoice:

  1. To EMAIL an invoice, Email must be setup in the System->Settings menu. (See Email Setup or video here)
  2. Select INVOICES to process, copies to 1
  3. You must be using the FANCY invoice to email (see here)
  4. Press PROCESS button and a PREVIEW screen will appear.
  5. Press the EMAIL button and select address, should bring up email address if you put it on the customer in dispatch
  6. In the screenshot below, the numbered buttons are:
    1. Print
    2. Save as PDF
    3. Email
    4. Close

Other Buttons & Functions:

  1. UPDATE FROM QB->updates the list of UN-invoiced loads.
    •  (DO NOT CLICK if QB is not up to date)
  2. EXPORT TO EXCEL-> As with MOST grids in DRD, you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet to do whatever you need to. Sort, group, print etc.
  3. REFRESH-> This reloads the most current data, in case changes were made by another user on the network OR changes you may have made in AR.
  4. FIND LOAD-> Input a PRO # to find a load in the grid. 
    • NOTE: If the PRO # is NOT in the UN-invoiced list, it will not be found. You may need to REVERSE the invoice!
  5. COMMENTS-> Allows you to SELECT an invoice->then type in a comment to print on invoice for customer to see
  6. SELECT ALL-> Places a check in ALL loads waiting to be invoiced
  7. UNSELECT ALL-> Removes the check from all loads waiting to be invoiced.
  8. PROCESS INVOICE-> Process and prints all the selected invoices at one time.
    1. After being processed, loads move to the A/R tab.
  9. QuickBooks Export-> Opens the QB export queue. 
    1. After you invoice a load, IF QB integration is TURNED ON, it will end up in this list, waiting for you to export those invoices to QB. 
    2. From there you can use QB reports etc to collect & spend your money.
  10. PRINT PAPER COPY-> Prints a paper copy of the invoice when it's processed if enabled.
    1. QB users can process invoice in DRD, skip printing the DRD invoice, then export data to QB and print the invoice using QB instead if desired.
  11. PRINT PREVIEW-> Brings up a print preview screen first, rather then sending invoice straight to a printer. 
    • Use this to email or fax an invoice
  12. PRINT IN MANIFEST FORM-> Allows many invoices to be printed at once, as long as ALL are for the SAME customer.
    1. Sorts the invoices in alphabetical order.
  13. PRINT COMMENTS ON MANIFEST INVOICE-> Prints invoice comments when using Manifest Invoice.
  14. PRINT SHIP/REC ADDRESS ON INVOICE-> Prints the shipper/receiver address with the other stop info on invoices.
  15. USE MY COMPANY ADDRESS->When using our SECURITY module, this will use the address info stored under the Office that your currently logged in user is assigned to, instead of the single address normally saved in Settings > Trucking Company Information
  16. USE CUSTOM INVOICE DATE-> When checked, a calendar drops down. Select the DATE you want printed & stored for invoice date (NOT checked = TODAY date)
  17. PRINT POD INFORMATION-> Prints any POD info you entered on Dispatch screen
  18. FREIGHT TYPE-> Use this if customer requires 'pre paid', FOB, collect & 3rd party