The print button open the 'Print Control Screen'

it allows several KEY reports to be printed, emailed, saved to pdf etc. 

  1. Loadsheet->this is an printout of all the details of a load. since it contains all rate info and customer contact info. it is considered an internal report
  2. Show address/Directions->this allows you to print all address info for all stop facilities. this includes anything you have entered in the 'Directions' field
  3. Customer Rate Agreement-> this is a rate agreement to send to your customer. this can help ensure your rate will not be 'forgot'
  4. Driver Sheet->this prints/emails the driver all the info he needs to pickup & deliver any load.(see example below)
  5. Drv sheet->SHOW RATE-> when printing/emailing Driver sheet, this includes the MONEY for a load. not suggested unless drv is paid by PERCENTAGE
  6. Drv sheet->SHOW CUSTOMER CONTACT-> when printing/emailing Driver sheet, this option includes any stored info needed to contact the customer

  7. Drv sheet->HIDE FUEL-> this option is ONLY available if you CHECK 'Show Rate'. this hides the FUEL SURCHARGE amt

  8. Drv sheet->DELIVERY RECEIPT-> this option prints 3 items at bottom of drv sheet needed for delivery receipt. revc by, name, print name

  9. EMAIL Report(s) (no  preview)-> this allows you to send selected doc without bothering with print preview. faster this way

  10. EMBED FONTS-> when sending PDF's to a device and it comes out garbled. this sends the required FONTS with you document to avoid that

  11. BOL-> this prints a BOL from the stored load info

Driver sheet(Delivery Receipt)