The driver pay system is FREE and included with DRD TRUCKING package or higher.

it is able to pay a driver, by percent (of cust inv amt), by mileage, by weight, pieces or by hour. we also have FLAT where user simply enters the pay for that load manually.

Driver pay can be turned ON/OFF in system->setup->preferences->trucking <--(see item #2)

once its ON, then you simply setup each DRIVERS pay parameters via the driver tab in truck Dispatch.

from this point, each load you mark as EMPTY by changing the loads status, will create a payroll record for THAT driver on THAT load.

a feature our advanced users like is using the 'Driver Pay' button (under 'Gross pay'). turn it on here <--(see item # 14). click here <--(item #7) to see where it is on dispatch screen. once turned on, you can simply press that button and instantly get payroll calculated on that load. 

BEWARE: it will not have stops and other info in that driver pay record IF you press the button an d there is missing data!

If you need to DELETE that pay record and re calculate it, press the 'Driver Pay' btn, then press the 'clear payroll' button to delete. this is EASY way to use a driver and single load to practice with using driver pay. 

remember: the simplicity is the marking a load empty, automatically creates a driver pay record.

then usually one day a week you will open the 'Driver payroll' program and select each driver, one at a time. select and advances to deduct or expenses to be paid BACK to drv. and figure his entire paysheet in one swoop pass. 

print the settlement sheet->press YES to finish processing and all those loads, advances and paybacks are gone and paid. leaving only what is not been paid to driver in system.

1099 contractors, we can export their settlement amount to QuickBooks at the end. (no W2 drivers can export).

here is a video on basics of driver pay.