To use the Split function, right click on the Stop where you want to terminate the first leg.

It will pop up a dialogue box that allows you to tell DRD where the split took place. You can either type in the City, State or select from your list of 'way points' stored in the database.

To split a load: 

  1. Locate the load on the Dispatch form.
  2. Right-click on the last completed stop on first leg (see image below).
  3. Select "Split Load Here" from the menu.

  1. The below dialogue box pops up with several methods for setting where a split occurs.
    1. Select the waypoint from the Facility dropdown list.
    2. Type in City/State/ZIP.
  2. Click the "Finish Split" button to complete the process.  The system will create 2 new legs for you.

From this point on, instead of the master load, use the legs to dispatch trucks, track the load on the loadboard, pay your drivers, etc.

  • We suggest you check the box in System>Settings>Trucking Preferences for "Auto-Calc Leg Revenue (splits)" shown below to allow both load revenue and miles to come from each leg!
    • If this is NOT checked, the master load will be used in Revenue to supply the Gross Pay for the legs, then the miles will be taken from the legs. This was the original way we did revenue on splits.

    • If this box IS checked (suggested), then the legs will automatically figure out how much of the Gross Pay goes to each leg. This keeps the revenue and miles on each leg instead of grabbing money from the master and miles from the legs. In a nutshell, you will not see the master load in Revenue reports period, only the legs. 

  • Make sure you add miles to the Master Load. When you add trip miles to a leg, it will automatically calculate what percent of gross pay goes on that leg!