The station license is what allows a computer to run and access your Dr. Dispatch®.

This is what DrDispatch refers to as a "user". 

  • Station licenses are assigned to each computer during the Dr Dispatch Activation process.
  • The number of PCs that can have DRD installed and working are equal to the number of users purchased for your license.

Every computer in the office that uses Dr. Dispatch® needs to have its own station license.

  • If there is not a station license on a computer, the Dr. Dispatch will not function.

               Note: This normally only happens after a station has an expired demo period or a deactivated license.   

  • If your office has not purchased a station license for each computer, more licenses can be purchased by contacting Dr. Dispatch.  An active Software Assurance plan is required for usage of the software and to receive technical support. 

If a station license is NOT registered to your computer, the Dr. Dispatch® program will close after starting.

  • If you have a license ID and password (with no activations) or a station license is NOT available to assign to your computer, someone will have to contact the support department to request an activation.  If support finds that all purchased users are activated, you will need to purchase additional licenses. An active Software Assurance plan is required.