There are several things that can effect your program speed like Memory and Network adapters.  Data transferring over the network must come from the server to your PC each time you perform a search, create a new record, or modify an existing record.  Some people prefer wireless networking in order to cut down on messy wires, but wireless networking is not as fast as a wired connection. Additionally your wired speed depends on equipment you currently have, but having all of your PC's on Gigabit is strongly encouraged.   This video demonstrates how much different an average router can be over a true "Gigabit" Router. 

Our Minimum specifications are listed here:

The following are the specs are recommended for optimum server performance. These are well above our minimum specs. 


Recommended Specs for High Performance: 

Processor: INTEL CORE i7 ( Quad Core ) or Xeon

Hard drive: 2 Total = 1 SSD (for Operation) plus 1TB. ( for Storage )

Operating System: Windows 10 or Windows Server

RAM Memory: 8-16 GB.

LAN: Gigabit Wired Connection.  

What is the difference? Minimum specifications are what is needed to simply run.  Recommended specifications are optional, but they are what is preferred to run well.