Importing Fuel Data

Dr Dispatch includes a Fuel Import Module that can automate the IFTA process. If you use mileage integration with our Fuel Import Module, then all you have to do is to import the fuel files daily.

  • Fuel Service data importing requires an additional purchase.  Please contact for further details.

Data Import Setup:

Dr Dispatch can import fuel purchased via: Comdata, Fleetone, Multiservice, T-Chek, TCH, EFS.

  • You must have an account with one of the above.
  • You also must get setup to get daily files to import. 
    • EFS refers to this file as a 'TSM 122 file.' 
    • Fleetone calls this a 'Type 49 file.'
    • You may hear this called the “Comdata style” file. 
    • It is simply a flat file. It is NOT a report intended for people to read, but rather a raw data file.
      • The first two characters in this file are always '01'. Any other file will error and NOT import.

  1. Make a new folder on your computer called "Fuel Imports".
  2. Login to the fuel vendor website or get the file from your email & save to your new "Fuel Imports" folder.
  3. Open the Dr. Dispatch FuelTax program.
  4. Click Setup and when the screen pops up and asks for a local path, browse to the "Fuel Imports" folder.
    • Note: ComData and FleetOne (EFS FTP) customers need to select the appropriate tab and follow the instructions you received from the vendor.

4. Press the 'Import Fuel Purchases' button and browse to your 'Fuel Imports' folder.

5. Check the box for your fuel vendor and click 'Open File'.

6. You should see a form telling you how many transactions were imported.

  • Press the 'Fuel Import History' at any time to see what fuel files/transactions have been imported.

  • You can use the sorting/grouping features on the fuel grid to look up any fuel purchases, by date, by unit etc. Just drag the desired column header to the 'gray area' above the columns to group.
  • When importing fuel records, you have the ability to import 'Cash Advances' from the fuel cards as well. To use this feature you MUST have the drivers fuel card number in truck dispatch->driver tab. If it can match a fuel card to a driver, then it will actually put the cash advance amount in driver payroll as an "Advance".
  • We can also take all fuel purchased and put in as an advance, This would be an owner operator using your fuel card to charge fuel for his truck.
  • When using “Charge ALL fuel to driver', ALL transactions in the file to be imported and charged to driver as an advance. You cannot have some charge driver and some that do not. Its either ALL or NONE.