This is a common problem after doing a system upgrade. It's very easy to forget to upgrade your archived and/or secondary databases.

In Dr Dispatch:

  1. Go to the System -> Open Database menu.
  2. Select your server in the left pane: Available Servers. (There should be only one option.)
  3. Select the database you wish to upgrade in the right pane: Database Alias.
  4. Click the "Open" button. 
    • You should get an error message. This is normal.

In Windows File Manager:

        5. Close out of Dr. Dispatch completely and have all other users exit Dr. Dispatch as well.

        6. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\DrDispatch 5 and run the Update Manager.

        7. After the Update Manager finishes, open up the archived or secondary database again and verify that the database opens up properly.

You will need to repeat the entire process found in this article for each of the databases listed in the "Database Alias" pane, found in step 3 above, that do not say "Version Matches".