There are two ways to add expenses in Dr. Dispatch: from the Load Entry Screen and also directly from the Payroll Menu.

If you use Dr. Dispatch to process driver payroll, we recommend entering expenses from the payroll menu to avoid having to enter duplicate data.

At this time, expenses entered from the Expenses tab on the Load Entry screen do not carry over to the driver payroll area. The Expense tab on the main load screen is primarily for customers who need to document and track expenses yet don't use Dr. Dispatch for payroll.

To add driver expenses (reimbursements) to payroll:

1. Select the driver to be paid in the payroll module

2. Press the Trip Reimbursements button and click 'Add Expenses.'

3. Enter the Pro Number(s) as well as all expenses/reimbursements. The 'Include' box must be checked.

4. Tab through all of the fields until the program asks you if you want to add another expense.

5. Click 'No' and then be sure to hit 'Save Changes.' 

When you calculate payroll, the expenses should now be added to the drivers pay and will also be reflected on the driver settlement sheet.