There are two different ways to add driver advances in Dr. Dispatch.

Method 1 Using The Main Load Entry Screen:

(Advances entered using this method WILL carry over to the payroll feature automatically.)

1. Click the Advances tab at the top of the load screen.

2. Click the Add Advance button.

3. Enter whatever data you would like to appear on the advance and be sure to type the total dollar amount of the advance in the Amount box.

4. Be sure to tab all of the way through the fields until the program asks you if you would like to add another advance. 

Method 2 Using The Payroll Section:

1. Select the driver to be paid in the payroll module and then click the Driver Deductions/Advances tab.

2. If you have not already entered the advance on the main load screen, click Add Advance and enter data and a dollar amount. Be sure to tab through all of the fields until the program asks you if you would like to enter another advance. Any advances for the driver pulled up in the current payroll session that you already entered on the load entry screen will already be listed.

3. Important: You must put a check in the 'Deduct' box for the advance(s) you would like to deduct from the drivers check.

The advance(s) should now appear when you calculate payroll on the Trips To Pay tab and will also be reflected on the driver settlement sheet after payroll has been processed.