1. Open Dr. Dispatch and then navigate to the 'Truck Invoicing' or 'Brokerage Invoicing' screen.

2. Place a checkmark in the process column on the loads you wish to invoice. 

3. The “QuickBooks Export” button should be visible.

4. Press the 'Process Now' button. 

5. The selected loads should now print and the 'QuickBooks Export' report screen should open. 

6. After ensuring the proper QuickBooks company file is open, press the 'Export QuickBooks' button at the top of the screen. 

7. Upon successful completion of exporting, the loads will change from blue to green. 

8. A print dialog will open and prompt you to print a paper copy of the invoices you just exported. Print this report and file accordingly for future reference.


9. Open the QuickBooks Customer list and highlight a customer to see exported invoices to the right of the customer name. Double clicking 

will open the invoice for viewing.