Note: Dr. Dispatch outsources some forms, including invoices, to Fast Reports which is a separate entity. Dr. Dispatch does not handle form customization beyond basic troubleshooting.

For more in-depth help with customizing a form beyond this support article, please refer to the Fast Reports Instruction Manual:

Fast Reports User Manual

Users have the ability to customize their trucking and brokerage invoices to suit the needs of their organization. Please adhere to all of these instructions or your current form may be rendered unusable. 

1. Browse to the current invoice you would like to customize in the Dr. Dispatch folder and make a copy of it before making any changes. In the event that there are formatting errors when customizing the form, you will want to have a valid backup copy. The default location is:

     C:\Program Files (x86)\DrDispatch 5\reports

      Brokerage invoice is Binvoice1.fr3

      Trucking invoice is Tinvoice1.fr3

      We will use the trucking invoice in our instructions. The procedure is identical for the brokerage invoices.

2. Navigate to Dr. Dispatch-->System-->Invoice Setup and click Design Trk Invoice. (Make sure the Fancy option is selected as your invoice type.)

3. You will now see a form that looks like this:

4.  Because there are countless changes that are possible, we are only going to discuss the very rudimentary changes that can be made. The next several screen shots will provide more information about basic editing. For more technical customization, please refer to the Fast Reports User Manual link at the top of this support article.  

Note: If you add a logo to your invoice, it must be a .bmp image file. If you need to convert a .jpg, .pdf or other file type to a .bmp file, you can do so for free on this website:

Convert Images Online

You can also right click the image and select Edit which will open the logo up in MS Paint where it can be saved as a bmp image. 

5. When you are finished making changes, click File-->Save As and save the form to a local folder on your PC or, if there are multiple Dr. Dispatch users, a shared network folder. If you are unsure of whether or not you have a shared folder, we will discuss setting one up in Step 6. 

Note: Windows will not allow you to save your changes to the original source folder. Use the Save As option and select a different location. Using the Save option will result in an error.

6. In order for multiple Dr. Dispatch users to access the customized form, it needs to be stored in a shared network folder. The path to the folder then needs to be entered in Dr. Dispatch-->System-->Setup-->Invoice Setup. The next several screenshots will discuss these steps in more detail. Please contact your IT department if you have additional questions about sharing folders across a network.