Please refer to the following example when setting up individual users and offices in the Password Manager. 

  • Go to System->Password Manager to adjust user access rights.
    • Each user on the system must be properly configured for Security settings to work effectively.
  • Please note that this only applies to users who do not have Admin rights. Users with Admin rights have access to all information by default. 

Above is the screen for a user named Test.

Section 1:

  • Test has access to Trucking and Brokerage, he can edit locked loads/carriers/customers, and print customer/carrier lists.
  • Test does not have access to invoicing, revenue, rates, or drivers' sensitive information.

Section 2 "User":

  • User rights are the rights granted to the user Test for information he enters himself into Dr Dispatch.
  • In this case, he can Read/Change/Delete anything he enters.

Section 3 "Office":

  • Office rights apply to users in the same office as Test.
  • In this case, all users in the same office who do not have Admin rights can Read anything Test enters into the system, but can not Change or Delete any of it.

Section 4 "Public":

  • Public rights function the same as Office rights, but apply to users in other offices besides the one that Test is assigned to.
  • Remote Users, separate geographical locations, different departments, etc.

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