In System--> Settings--> Customer Tracking Portal, you will need to enable the option and add the account name supplied by Dr Dispatch. 

  • Both you and your customers will access the same site.  
  • Note: Your URL to access the site will be slightly different and will be provided to you upon purchase of the feature

Setup Process in DRD:

  1. Go to the System > Settings > Customer Tracking Portal menu.
  2. Enable the checkbox for "Enable".
  3. Enter your Tracking Portal username.
    • This is the same as the username that you will use to login to the website.
  4. Click Save button.
  5. Close Settings.
  6. Restart DRD to have settings changes take effect.

You can now login to your company’s link.

Click the "Admin Login" button at the top of the page, and add logins for your customers.

  • username: {supplied username} ( usually your email )
  • password: {supplied password}



You will need to enter a user for your personal customer.

Note: Passwords must be at least 8 characters.

When you do, each customer will have an API key. This API key must be entered to match up to the customer in your Dr Dispatch Software.

You copy that key to their entry in Dr Dispatch so that Dr Dispatch knows to push their loads up to the tracking website

Your customers will use the login you created for them and they will see their loads.  

We always recommend that you log in and test what your customer will see before you send them their credentials to log in.