All client computers must be correctly configured to connect to the Dr. Dispatch server.

Sometimes server IP addresses change after a router reboot, power outage, etc. We recommend contacting your IT personnel to request a static IP address that will not change.

To ensure that all client PCs are connected to the proper server IP address, please follow the instructions below.

You can find the correct address by going to your server and running a command prompt (CMD) and typing in ipconfig and then hitting enter. The server IP Address will be listed after IPv4 Address.

To run a command prompt, you can either use the windows start menu or press the Win key + R on your keyboard then type in cmd and hit enter.

After you have the correct server IP Address, please perform the following steps on each computer starting with your Dr Dispatch server.

Type in %appdata% in the Windows Explorer address bar and then navigate to the Dr. Dispatch-->drd4.ini config file.

(If you cannot access this document from file explorer, you can do a Windows search for drd4.)

Open up the config file, change the IP address and then save/close the document.

Open up Dr. Dispatch again and verify that it works. If you are still having issues after doing this, please contact us at