Initial steps to setting up Macropoint - Get an account and API Access from Macropoint

The MacroPoint module requires an account with MacroPoint and DRD.

You can see what Macropoint offers (and it's quite powerful) HERE.

First step - get a Macropoint account and learn how their service works.  It's very simple and easy to use.  

Next you need to inform Macropoint that you need an API ID/Password (Used in point 1 in the below image).

Next we will setup Dr Dispatch to communicate with Macropoint

Open a support ticket with Dr Dispatch to request a username/password to use with Dr Dispatch to receive updates from Macropoint.  You can do that in this support portal or kick an email off to

Once you have all of the information required to fill out the screen below:

1. Open Dr Dispatch and click the Settings button

2. Click on "Macropoint (GPS/Tracking)"

3. Enter the API information you received from Macropoint (Not your Macropoint login/password - the API ID/Password you request from Macropoint!) - Point 1 on the image below, right-most bit of the screen.

4. Enter the login information you requested from Dr Dispatch support on the left.

5. Enter Email addresses you want optionally emailed status updates sent to, separated by a comma, on the bottom right.

6. Click Save Changes

7. That completes the Dr Dispatch side - just one more step to complete on the Macropoint side.


Finally we tell Macropoint to send updates to Dr Dispatch as they happen

1. Login to your Macropoint account HERE (
2. Once you are logged in, click on Update Company Preferences (near the bottom after you login)

3. You are going to fill in 4 boxes under the "Please enter appropriate URLs" section.  This tells Macropoint where to send updates on the Internet.

4. When you contacted Dr Dispatch support for setup - you will get a login, password, and company ID.  This company ID will be used on all 4 URLS in place of YourCompany


Location Upates:

Order Status Changes:

Trip Event Updates

Schedule Alerts

Remember, the end of each line where it reads "YourCompany" will be changed on all 4 lines to match the company ID we give you with your login/password.

5. Click the Save button below - failing to do this will cause the integration to not work.

Your screen should look like the one below:

To use Macropoint, which right now is manual under the Utilities menu (for updates) and Tracking/Check call screen (to view updates or start tracking a given load).

MacroPoint will not allow posting dates or times that are in the PAST(old). 

5) After pressing the Tracking button, simply go to the MacroPoint tab. make sure you set the "tracking duration" and "frequency" to your liking, also check pick date etc. The email address(s) you entered in 'settings" will always show up, you can add more here by simply adding in the box, use a comma to separate addresses. You can pull in 'NOTES' from stop info or enter in the NOTES field provided. This will show on trip info sent to drivers.

6) You must supply the drivers cell number to complete the needed info (brokerage). On the trucking side, the drivers cell will populate automatically from the driver info tab.

7) Once all info suits you, simply press "Add/Track" button to post the trip to MacroPoint website. The driver will receive a text on his smartphone and the GPS tracking will start when scheduled.

7) You receive event updates from MacroPoint to DRD, go to UTILITIES -> Get Load Updates. This will add all load events/tracking to the DRD check call screen. You can also use MacroPoints web portal to manage your trips and see tracking progress on a map.

Finally - if you go to the Tracking button again on any tracked loads - any of the 4 update types should be pulled in from Macropoint as a check call - with as much information filled in as possible.