With Dr Dispatch, you can post your loads to one or more of the following load boards with just a couple of button clicks.

Note: Load boards may charge one-time small fees to have software such as Dr Dispatch to post freight/trucks. Also, make sure to contact Dr Dispatch in order to verify that your account with us has load posting enabled, otherwise this feature will be unavailable to you.

Please make sure to let the load board(s) you are using configure your account so that Dr Dispatch can post loads to your site. 

To set up load posting for Getloaded, Transcore 360/DAT, Internet Truck Stop, and 123LoadBoard, follow these instructions.

1. Navigate to Dr Dispatch-->System-->Settings-->Commodity/Special/Equipment and add equipment as necessary and remove equipment you do not use.

2. Go to Dr Dispatch-->System-->Settings-->Web Load Posting

3.  Enter in applicable login information for each board you will be using

4.  Select Import From DRD and then map your equipment list to the appropriate code for each load board's equipment type.  For instance:: a reefer in Dr Dispatch may be a code or different name on another load board and this maps it to where the load boards recognize what we mean when we say reefer).