Invoicing Workflow: Brokerage Invoicing > Accounts ReceivableAccounts Payable

Accounts Receivable (A/R):

A/R is the money that is owed to you after you invoice a customer. Once an invoice has been processed on the main invoicing screen, the invoice/pro # will appear on the A/R tab.

  • Clicking the "Export ->Excel" button will export all listed loads to a new Excel spreadsheet, including column headers.
  • If you use our QuickBooks™ Integration, then check the box for "Post to Quickbooks".
    • Click the "Update Paid Status" button to import payment data from QuickBooks into Dr Dispatch.
    • Click the "Update Balances" button to import balance due data from QuickBooks into Dr Dispatch.
  • Clicking "Find Pro #" button will let you search for a specific pro # from within the loads listed on the A/R screen.

Receiving Payment:

  1. Tick the checkbox under the "Post Payment" column.
  2. Enter the Check # under "Check #".
  3. Enter the check amount under "Pay Amt".
  4. Click the "Post Payment" button above.