Invoicing Workflow: Brokerage Invoicing > Accounts Receivable > Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (A/P):

A/P is the money that you owe to your carriers from hauling your loads. Once an invoice has been processed on the main invoicing screen, the invoice/pro # will appear on the A/P and A/R tabs and remain there until you've been paid by your Customer and pay your Carrier.  That ends the life of a load in the brokerage.

  1. To settle with a carrier or print a settlement, you must first select a single carrier from the list in center of form.
  2. In the grid below, all the loads that could be paid to the carrier are visible.
  3. Sort or group as needed to find loads due to be paid.
    1. Most users use the AP aging to determine what is to be paid each week.
  4. Place a CHECK in the "Process" box for each load you want to pay the carrier for today.
  5. Make sure that any advances that you gave the carrier are included in the upper right corner of form.
  6. Finally click 'Process settlement' to preview/print/email the settlement.
  7. Say YES to "Finish processing settlement' to mark those loads as paid to carrier.

  • "Update Paid Bills" button: Imports payment data for the selected Carrier from Quickbooks into Dr Dispatch.
  • "Export ->Excel" button: Exports the invoices listed in the grid to a new Excel spreadsheet including column headers.

Carrier Deductions (Advances):

Open the Carrier Deductions screen by clicking the "ChargeBacks" button on the main A/P screen.

  1. "Add Advance" button: Click this to create a new advance payment entry.
  2. Pro #: Enter the Pro # for the associated load.
  3. Driver/Description: Describe who/what the advance is for.
  4. Amount: Enter how much was advanced.
  5. Issue Date: Enter the date that the advance was paid out.
  6. Sett. Date: Enter the date that the advance was settled.
  7. Check #: Enter the check number that the advance was paid with.