Invoicing Workflow: Brokerage Invoicing > Accounts ReceivableAccounts Payable

Once a load is entered via Dispatch with a customer and carrier assigned to the load and rate/gross pay, the invoice will automatically populate on the main invoicing tab.  Simply open the invoicing screen and there will be a list of loads that can be invoiced to the customer or factoring company.

Every column in the invoice grid can be re-sized, moved and sorted by column headers to suit your individual needs and help you work more efficiently.

  • Please reference Brokerage Preferences for more information.
  • Please note several areas that can be changed on the right side of the screen under 'Options'.

Adjusting Gross Pay:

  1. Click the Gross Pay amount that you wish to adjust
  2. Click the "..." button that appears next to the amount to open the Gross Pay screen.

        3. Fill in any necessary fields.

        4. Click OK when done to save changes.

Process/Print Invoices:

  1. To print and process, place a checkmark in the 'Print' field next to each invoice/load that is ready for invoicing. 
  2. Select 'Process Invoice(s)' when you are finished.