TRUCKING A/R (accounts Receivable)

A/R or accounts Receivable is simply money that is OWED to you from sending out invoices. from invoice screen->process invoice->goes to A/R until you get paid. that ends the life of a load.

1) to receive a payment. find & highlight a load(row)

2) press the 'Post payment' button to post it. IF you are integrated with QB, it will ask to "update Quickbooks" on this payment. you should always UPDATE QB, if asked


other buttons:

a) UPDATE BALANCES->You also can/should post payments in QB and sync up this screen when ready(or not at all)

b) UPDATE PAID STATUS->use caution here. if it does NOT find the PRO# in QB, it will REVERSE the load in DRD to re-invoice

c) EXPORT TO EXCEL-> as with MOST grids in DRD, you can export the data to excel to do whatever you need to. sort, group, print etc

d) RECALCULATE-> press this to re calc the TOTAL AR amount



reports is in UPPER LEFT corner of invoice screen

1) Loads Waiting for bills-> for lack of better words, the BILLS & PPW needed to invoice a load are walking around in a drivers pocket:). list of load that have NOT been invoiced.

2) A/R Aging->this is a simple report of who owes you what. QB provides a more detailed AR report if you are integrated

3) Customer Statements-> this allows you to select any customer that owes you money and send them  simple list of what loads they owe you for. QB does this as well



1) REVERSEAL-> this is an MUCH USED FEATURE!. anytime you need to bring an invoice back, that has been previously invoiced. CTRL + R is easy shortcut. enter the pro #, press enter twice to reverse. easy!


2) A/R History-> use this to print history of payments you applied to loads for ONE customer or all. date range drill down or ALL.


3) Invoice history->gives you list/details on what was invoiced on any given date. you can export to excel. REMEMBER all of our grids have ability to sort & group any column by clicking on column headers or dragging the header UP and dropping in the grey area(enable sorting/grouping)


4) Enter A/R balance adjustments-> if needed, use this screen to apply credits(+) or debits(-) to the payments you applied to a load in A/R. HIGHLIGHT the load(row) then open screen to adjust balance DUE, up or down.

5) Re-Print Invoice-.use this to re print or get a copy of an invoice. DO NOT use REVERSAL to re print an invoice(re process). that changes the original invoice date to the date you re process it. makes AR aging wrong. will have no idea how long ago it was billed if you change the invoice date.

QUICKBOOKS(menu at top)

if you are a NEW DRD user, these menu choices can IMPORT ALL customers and Vendors(carriers) from Quickbooks to DRD, a HUGE time saver. do NOT do this if you have a good deal of customers already in DRD, will cause DUPLICATES!!!

you also can export CUSTOMERS & VENDORS from DRD to QB, should you buy QuickBooks AFTER you buy DRD. All customers will export anyway as invoices are processed. it is NOT necessary to export customer or vendors to QuickBooks!!!