Adding new Drivers and editing existing Drivers is a simple process.

  • To add a Driver, start by clicking the "New Driver" button.
  • To edit an existing Driver, double-click their entry in the list.

Add/Edit Driver screen:

Driver Info and Compliance Info:

  • Enter all applicable personal information for the Driver here.

Misc. Options:

  • "Active" checkbox: Uncheck this to mark a Driver as inactive.
  • 1099 Eligible: Check this box to mark the Driver to receive a 1099 at the end of the year instead of a W-2.
  • Fuel Card #: Enter the number of an assigned Fuel Card here.
  • Required for our Fuel Tax program to properly track Driver advances for fuel expenses.

Pay Info:

Driver Type: MUST be selected!

  • Company: A W2 employee who works for you.
  • Fleetown: This Driver works for someone else who owns more than one truck. Paychecks will be made out to the Fleetowner, not the Driver.
  • OwnerOp: Contracted Owner/Operator. May receive a 1099 instead of a W2 at the end of the year.
    • Fleetown (dropdown menu):
    • Fleetowner: If the Driver Type is Fleetown, then you MUST select a Fleetowner from this dropdown menu.

Pay Type:

  • Company/OwnerOp:
    • Percent: Enter a whole number percent. (EX: 75 = 75%)
    • Mileage: Enter pay per mile for Loaded and Empty.
    • Flat: Enter a flat rate paid per load.
    • Weight: Enter pay per ton.
    • Hourly: Enter pay per hour.
    • Template: Select a Pay Template from the dropdown menu.

  • Stop Pay: Pay per stop in dollars, not percent.
  • Pay Fuel: Pays the entire Fuel Surcharge if checked.
  • Per Diem: Tax-free portion of a Driver's wages (advanced users.)
  • Free DH Miles: The number of deadhead miles that the Driver is NOT paid for, out of the Deadhead miles entered on the Dispatch screen.

Important Notes:

  • Driver Type MUST be selected!
  • Company->requires nothing special. probably gets a W2 at end of year(taxable wages)
  • Fleetowner -> This driver works for a person that owns more then one truck. The paycheck will be made out to the Fleetowner, not the driver. (You MUST choose from the dropdown list.)
  • OWNEROP- -> contractor that gets a 1099 at end of year. make SURE you CHECK '1099' box!!
  • FUEL CARD -> required to use fuel import and apply ADVANCES to drv pay system. this is how we know which drv to chg for advance/fuel
  • PAY TYPE -> this is IMPORTANT. hoe do you pay the drv? percent, miles, FLAT(you tell it how much each load)
  • make use you use a DECIMAL point in the pay amount (.92)= .92% or .92 per mile
  • STOP pay is dollars per stop, not a percent (see TEMPLATE pay)
  • PAY FUEL ->pays ¬†OO all the fuel surcharge if checked. if you need something more flexible->see TEMPLATE pay
  • Per diem->tax free part of a drvs wage (advanced users)
  • FREE DH MILES-. is number if miles the drv is NOT paid for, if listed as DeadHead miles on dispatch screen.
  • SAVE the data once entered