There are two ways to access your DRD Cloud account:

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (aka RDP)
  • Webclient

To login via the webclient, please go to:

Enter your web access username and password.

  • Your username will normally be in the pattern of: MCnumber-Username
    • Example: 654321-Dispatcher1

You will then be logged into your remote Windows server desktop. Functions and activities are identical to how you use your own computer for the most part.

  • Please wait for a minute or two when logging in before doing anything to allow system startup procedures to complete.
  • Please be sure to use the "Log Off" icon on your Cloud desktop when you want to disconnect your session.

To use DRD:

  1. Double-click the DrDispatch icon to open DRD.
  2. Enter your DRD username and password.
    • These will be different than the username and password that you use to login into the remote desktop.  Please refer to the email received when your service was activated for the correct login credentials.