One of the features of the Security module is the ability to assign each user to an Office.  This is useful for segregating your users based on physical location, department, or role within the company when combined with appropriate User Permissions.

To add an Office, first you will need to open our Password Manager.

  • Go to the System > Password Manager menu, then login as "Admin" user.

Once in Password Manager, click the "Add Office" button.

Click on the "New Office" button.

Change the Code to a number that is not already in use.

Enter the name of the new Office.

Fill out the Company Information for this new Office.

Click the "OK" button to complete the setup.

You can now select the new Office from the "Office Code" drop-down menu when creating or editing Users.

  • Each User will use the Company Information assigned to the Office that they are assigned to when logged into DRD.
  • Users in different Offices will have the permissions for "Public" applied when accessing the database.

Please refer to Using Multi-User Security for more detailed information about User Permissions in our Security module.