After an upgrade my grid layouts no longer save. How do I fix this?


Grid settings are stored in a file on each computer Dr Dispatch is installed. Sometimes an upgrade will contain a newer version of our grids and require this file be re-initialized. The following procedure will need to be performed on each computer having problems.

Grid settings can be easily reset:

  1. Click the "Reset Grids" button to the right of "Save Grid Settings".
  2. Make sure that "Save Grid Settings" is checked.  
  3. Arrange columns to your liking.  Dr Dispatch will save your new grid settings the next time you close the program.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD - If you wish to do this manually instead:

  1. In the Dr Dispatch System > Settings pane, ensure that the check mark is ticked for "Store Grid Settings" under "Brokerage Preferences" and/or "Trucking Preferences" (whichever ones you need.)
  2. Close Dr Dispatch.
  3. Navigate to your C:\Users\..\AppData\Roaming\DrDispatch folder
  4. Delete all files referencing grids in the DrDispatch folder. (e.g. bgrids.ini, tgrids.ini)
  5. Open Dr Dispatch.
  6. Verify that "Store Grid Settings" is still checked enabled in your Brokerage and/or Trucking preferences.
  7. Finally, arrange your columns to your liking.
  8. Close Dr Dispatch to save your new new grid settings and then re-open Dr Dispatch to test that they work again.