My Dr Dispatch program is running slow or sluggish. How do I get it to run faster?


There may be various factors impeding Dr Dispatch from running smoothly. Please remember, that Dr Dispatch is a program designed to interact with a live data base across multiple computers. Thus, please check all computers for these common causes:

  • Anti-virus software may be scanning your data tables. Ensure that *.nx1 files are not scanned to prevent this.

  • A large amount of un-closed loads. All loads that are not in a closed status are pulled into Dr Dispatch over the network each time you open and/or refresh Dr Dispatch. Be sure to close loads after they are empty. There is an option on the Utilities menu in both trucking and brokerage dispatch to close all empty loads.

  • Loads in excess of 12,000 in either trucking or brokerage can significantly reduce speed. To view total loads, select Load Filter or Load View and select 'All Loads.' In a few seconds, your total load count will populate in red text at the bottom of the screen. If you have more than 12,000 loads please contact to schedule a data archive.

  • Wireless network clients can expect slower data loading and intermittent loss of connection to and from the server computer. All Dr Dispatch programs are recommended to run on an ethernet-based connection.

  • The server has 2GB or less of RAM.

  • Background system operations, such as Windows Update, can sometimes consume a large amount of system resources without any plainly visible indicators. Check Task Manager for unusual CPU/Memory usage compared to what you normally experience.
    • A cooling fan spinning at full strength or CPU usage over ~20%, while the system is otherwise idle, are possible indicators that a system update is running in the background.


1) Press ctrl+alt+del to open the TASK MANAGER

2) Go to the network tab/button

3) It should list your network speed on that screen.

1Mbps is a minimum to move data properly across the network.