We will try and save some time by NOT explaining every single field.

customer, trk #, trl #, drv etc all should be self explanatory.

we have noted the less obvious  items, tagged with a number and explained below.

1) LTL -> check this to make a load-> a partial for LTL system(optional).

a) Hazmat-> check this to tag load as containing HAZMAT contents

2) EMAIL DRIVER-> quick way to send email to driver(best to have email address on your drivers to use this) make sure email is setup.

3) TEMPLATE-> you can save ANY load to TEMPLATES, then make LOADS from templates, utilities->copy to make several and never really touch keyboard

4) DOCUMENTS->you can Attach/Scan documents to any load here. also use this tab to access the docs attached to the load here (optional)

5) TRAILER CAPACITY-> you can put a max weight on EACH trailer on EQUIPMENT TAB. then if you put in WEIGHT on stops. the result is displayed here

6) EMAIL CUSTOMER-> quick way to send email to CUSTOMER (best to have email address on your CUST to use this) make sure email is setup.

7) PROFIT-> once turned on in setup. you can press the btn to CALCULATE drv pay or CLEAR and RE CALCULATE. make sure you have STOP INFO!!

8) MILES-> enter Deadhead(empty) and loaded miles here. MUST have to pay a drv by miles. MUST have to help keep costs/income in check!!

9) ADD/REMOVE stops-> first HIGHLIGHT a stop, then you can DELETE or add. when adding you will have to tell it if Pick, Drop, DH or waypoint.

10) SPLIT LOAD-> this allows any load to be SPLIT so multiple trks can be involved. one to pickup(local)m then OTR drv to deliver. YOU NEED 2 LEGS!

11) IFTA miles-> if you do NOT use a miler integration, enter STATE trip miles here. (only if using DRD for IFTA, else not needed)

12) IFTA FUEL-> if you do NOT use out fuel import module(optional) then enter all fuel tickets here (only if using DRD for IFTA, else not needed)

*you can adjust the STOP columns to suit your liking and they will STAY if 'save grid settings' is turned ON is setup
**there are @ ARROWS to left side of stop grid. highlight a STOP and MOVE it UP or DOWN in the stop grid.