The Loadboard is a critical tool for organizing your dispatch.

  • All column headers are sort buttons.
  • With 'store grid settings' on you can size and adjust the columns you use most.
  • You can filter to see just your loads, if you tag the dispatcher field with your name.
  • You can filter to see just certain status of loads.
  • Double-click any load to instantly go to dispatch and see all details.
  • Right-click to export to spreadsheet.
  • You can include or remove fields not used.

Group and sort by dragging any column header up & drop in grey area. You can stack several. This shows available loads sorted first by load date and then by origin.

There are four sub-tabs in center of loadboard:

  • Truck Loads -> We have been using that so far in this article. this is place to track your freight
  • Trips/LTL -> This displays all the LTL TRIPS same as truckload PRO#'s on loadboard.
  • Trucks Planned -> This is very useful tool! You should always try to pre-book loads for all trucks. This assures no down time as well as chance to get better rate in general! simply input any reloads you book, put the unit and driver on the load. Then your people can come here and see a list of loads, grouped by Unit number. so Trk # 100 might show 3 times: Top load is current load, followed by a backhaul, then yet another backhaul.
  • Truck Roster -> This is basically a list of your trucks, with most current load info for each.

LTL loadBoard

"trucks Planned"

Truck Roster (list)