This tab is an enhanced version of TEMPLATES that we have had for a few years now. you can take ANY load in dispatch->utilities->add to re-occuring load templates->give it name when asked and make unlimited copies of that template by pressing NEW LOAD->then choose the template. then you could do utilities->copy load->tell it how many and enter many loads without entering much data. (you have to adjust dates, PO # etc) 

the Template tab is a place to edit/ADD or just manage all your templates, these also reflect your LANES because any load that is repetitive is a LANE you travel.

therefore you can SORT using the the column headers(captions) and compare rates etc on same or similar lanes. lots of handy data there.

If you are a manufacturing company, this will be your lanes that you ship your finished products to.

here are some highlighted features

ENTER  a NEW LOAD->then select the TEMPLATE from list to build a load.

after making a new load->use COPY to make as MANY as you need!