This error is caused by a line item that is being used in Dr Dispatch but does not exist in QuickBooks.

Creating Line Items In Your QuickBooks File

Note: All line items in Dr. Dispatch must correspond to existing QuickBooks line items or you invoice exports will fail. If you need to add or change your line items in QuickBooks, please refer to the article listed above. 

To resolve this issue, make a note of the item being referenced in the error message - i.e., Unloading, Stops, etc and then go through the steps below. 

1. Ensure the correct QuickBooks company file is open. 

2. Navigate to Dr. Dispatch-->Setup-->QuickBooks Setup and double check the correct path to either your Trucking or Brokerage QuickBooks file is displayed in the window. In this example, we are working with a trucking company. 

3. Click the 'Manage Accounts' tab then hit 'Refresh' and then "Yes' when prompted to connect to QuickBooks. After your data populates, select the QuickBooks line item you would like to change in the appropriate dropdown box. In this example, we just changed our Unloading Invoice Line Item from 'Trucking Freight' to 'Unloading Fee.' Be sure to press 'Save Changes' when you are finished.