When upgrading from earlier versions of Dr Dispatch to later versions you may see the load sheet and customer rate agreement checkmarks disabled for some or all users. Don't panic!  This is a feature and you can quickly change the settings. Dr Dispatch allows for hiding the customer rate from agents.  This is only available with the Security feature turned on.

1. Go into the user/password manager from the System menu.

2. Highlight the name of the user you want to update, then click the "Edit User" button.

3. Make sure that "View Brokerage Rates" and/or "View Trucking Rates" are checked.

4. Click the OK button to confirm your changes.

Ticking the boxes for View Brokerage Rates or View Trucking Rates to enable the user to print these reports and see customer rates.

IMPORTANT: After saving these entries have each user log out and back in to see the changes take effect.