Note:  This error has been identified as a Microsoft issue with Windows XP and is not caused by Dr. Dispatch or QuickBooks.

Why this is happening

  • This error may occur because of Drive letters mismatch especially if there is a Floppy drive.
  • You have a removable drive configured as drive letter C.
  • Windows Updates need to be installed.

    Solution 1: Assign a different letter for the drive

    Important:  Please consult any System Administrator or IT Expert if you need further assistance with renaming the drives and don't feel comfortable performing these steps.

    The drive letter assignment for the removable drive needs to be a letter other than C.

    Go to Microsoft Knowledge Article #330137  to rename the Drive.

    Solution 2: Perform a Windows Update

    Perform a  Windows Update.

    Note: If you encounter any errors performing a Windows Update, contact a qualified IT professional or Microsoft.