To fix this error, there are several different options. 

If you have a current support plan, you may choose to upgrade your entire system to the most recent version released on our website.

In this case, please contact Support for the current password at

If the issue is isolated to only one computer, it may be quicker to do the following:

(No need for all users to exit, just the two users on the computers in the steps below.)

  1. Close out of Dr Dispatch and go to a different computer with a working Dr Dispatch program.
  2. Close out of the working Dr Dispatch on this machine as well and browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\DrDispatch 5\
  3. Copy DrDisp.exe to a thumb/USB drive or save it to a shared network location. 
  4. From the thumb drive or network folder, relocate the file to the computer that has the different version of Dr Dispatch.
  5. Paste the DrDisp.exe file in the Dr Dispatch directory, normally located at C:\Program Files (x86)\DrDispatch 5\.
    • You will be overwriting the current DrDisp.exe file.
    • The Dr. Dispatch .exe file will have a blue icon.
  6. Open Dr. Dispatch and verify it works.

If you followed the instructions at Should I save installation and upgrade files? the last time you performed an install or upgrade, then you can use your file archive instead of copying from another computer.  Follow the same instructions as above, but skip all the way down to step 5.