The DRIVERS tab is the place to enter/edit/manage ALL your drivers.

We will NOT do a field by field run through. most of that is self explanatory.

will first go over some key things:

  • Press NEW DRIVER at the TOP to start a new driver entry
  • the CURSOR will start in the SS # field, TAB from there through the fields DRIVER TYPE must be selected!
  • COMPANY->requires nothing special. probably gets a W2 at end of year(taxable wages)
  • FLEETOWN -> this drv works for a person that owns more then one trk. the PAY CHECK will be made out to FLEETOWNER, not the drv. (you MUST choose from LIST)
  • OWNEROP- -> contractor that gets a 1099 at end of year. make SURE you CHECK '1099' box!!
  • FUEL CARD -> required to use fuel import and apply ADVANCES to drv pay system. this is how we know which drv to chg for advance/fuel
  • PAY TYPE -> this is IMPORTANT. hoe do you pay the drv? percent, miles, FLAT(you tell it how much each load)
  • make use you use a DECIMAL point in the pay amount (.92)= .92% or .92 per mile
  • STOP pay is dollars per stop, not a percent (see TEMPLATE pay)
  • PAY FUEL ->pays  OO all the fuel surcharge if checked. if you need something more flexible->see TEMPLATE pay
  • Per diem->tax free part of a drvs wage (advanced users)
  • FREE DH MILES-. is number if miles the drv is NOT paid for, if listed as DeadHead miles on dispatch screen.
  • SAVE the data once entered

Next lets look at TEMPLATE pay, finally we will discuss the HISTORY and SCANNED DOCS tab

if you need  to pay a drv by PERCENTAGE, but need more control over how much he gets, TEMPLATES may be the answer.

you make drv paytype = TEMPLATE. then a NEW tab appears to add/Manage your PAY TEMPLATES.

with templates you can pay a drv a PERCENT of any line item you are using to bill your customer. In other words: LineHaul = .92%, stops =.50%, FSC =.75% etc. 

you can select a DEFAULT pay template for each template drv. these can be changed on Dispatch screen so you could have a OUTBOUND rate of pay and an INBOUND rate of pay. see images below.

then you add or edit a pay template(see image below)

once you have your drivers all setup, pay types selected, pay rates setup. then you simply ASSIGN the drivers to the loads, when EMPTY DRD will figure a pay record according to what you setup here. you can maullay trigger DRD to figure pay by pressing the 'drv profit' button. see setup (item #14) to turn on drv profit btn.

we will cover payroll in detail here.

the HISTORY tab gives instant history in any drv.

**Last home date will allow you to prnit report on all drv and see how long they have been out. you can also look here at anytime.

you can attach/manage/view any Document or pdf to a drv here. (optional purchase) See scanning section