If you have more than one Dr. Dispatch database, you can create different desktop shortcuts that will open a predefined database. This eliminates the extra step of continually switching between databases from the System--->Open Database window.

The first step is to navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\DrDispatch 5 and right click on the DrDisp.exe icon.

Select 'Send To--->Desktop (create shortcut)'

Repeat this step as many times as necessary, i.e. - if you need to setup different desktop icons for 3 databases, you will create 3 new desktop shortcuts. Many people already have a shortcut on their desktop for Dr. Dispatch - if this is the case, you can use your current shortcut for one of your databases.

In this example, we are creating 2 desktop shortcuts. When you are finished, your desktop should look similar to this:

The next step is to open up the first Dr Dispatch shortcut and navigate to 'System--->Open Database'

Select your server IP Address and then select a database name from the dropdown menu. 

After you open up the desired database, close Dr. Dispatch. 

Right click on the desktop shortcut you just had open and select 'Properties.' 

At the very end of the 'Target' box, put a space after the exe" and enter following text:

-a DatabaseA

  • Substitute your own desired database alias name instead of "DatabaseA".

When you are finished, click Apply. To check for accuracy, open up the shortcut and ensure that the proper database name is reflected at the top of the screen. 

Repeat the above steps as many times as necessary, for each new icon that you want to be pointing to a specific database..

When you are finished, you can right click on each desktop shortcut and rename the icon to anything you choose.